5G and its societal impact in the home. Are you ready for the future?

By September 2, 2019 Blog, Uncategorized

Found this interesting story about the impact that 5G will have on our homes and on consumers in particular. Clearly there are a number of issues that need to be overcome, but as the story says there are plenty of opportunites ahead too.


Over the last few years, smart home technology has revolutionised the way we live at home and according to PWC’s White Paper, Connected Home 2.0, 10.8bn will be spent on smart home devices in the UK in 2019. But despite this, a recent survey we carried out into the connected home highlighted consumer frustration with smart home technology.

Consumers cited all sorts of problems – from not being able to get their smart home technology to connect to each device and talk to each other; not having an idea of how to work it all works; being worried about security; and seeing little perceived benefit or value in the technology. Whilst this may sound negative, this presents a huge opportunity for 5G to boost further appliance adoption and showcase the future possibilities in the home.

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