Facebook plans to change its advertising policy and form of serving

By September 23, 2019 Advertising, Blog, Business, news

Facebook have decided to improve the mobile interactions end-users have with ads. The change is to affect the aspect ratio for posts and ads in its mobile News Feed. Right from August 19, the News Feed would only display posts and ads at 4:5 aspect ratio as against the previous 2:3 aspect ratio.

Importantly, this adjustment would make ads shorter than it used to be. And only ads with fewer lines of text will be appropriate for the new design. Therefore, advertisers have to implement ways to shorten maximum height for images or video clip to fit the new layout. It is noteworthy that the 4:5 aspect ratio is now the supported standard for images without links and videos. Pictures and videos vertically taller than the new aspect ratio will be covered on the mobile News Feed section.

An expert in the field says, “The reason Facebook is shrinking advertising space is simply that they want to create a more consistent mobile experience for the end-user. Additionally, there is a tendency to shift towards a “less has to be more” approach when dealing with social media marketing.”

“We think that this makes sense, especially because of the huge amount of content that we see now daily on mobile ads. We don’t think this should hurt advertisers, but it would force them to think more carefully in terms of their long-term branding plan. Regarding surfers who come across commercials, there is no doubt that the message will have to be much more focused and grab the user’s attention almost instantly. But in the end, I don’t believe it would hurt anyone”, says another expert.

Will the price of Facebook adverts drop down?

Experts opine “As far as we know, prices of Facebook adverts have not changed following the decision.” Facebook has designed the new ad layout to contain only three lines of text. Whereas, the other text will be covered up and can only be viewed once the end-users click on the “See More” prompt. Previously, the lines of text take about 7 lines before the end-users encounter the “See More” prompt. However, with this modification, Facebook Ad copy will be more technical to craft than usual for it to engage and lure targets to click the “See More” prompt.

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